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Jun 9th, 2013 by kclumc at 10:53 pm

Pastor Dave Childress speaks this week about hearing God's voice when he calls.

Scripture Readings:

Jan 22nd, 2012 by kclumc at 5:23 pm

Pastor Dave preaches on the topic of Jonah in his sermon entitled:  "A Whale of a Tale".

Scripture Readings:

Oct 23rd, 2011 by kclumc at 2:02 pm

"A Relationship with God", the topic of this week's sermon, in which Pastor Dave describes the ways that he has heard God "speaking" to him.

Scriputure Readings:

  1. Jeremiah 31:  31-34
  2. Matthew  26: 26-29
  3. John 1: 11-12