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Mar 18th, 2019 by kclumc at 9:47 am

Learning to Lament

Mar 14th, 2019 by kclumc at 1:55 pm

Turning Towards Life: What Drives You?

Mar 14th, 2019 by kclumc at 1:53 pm
Feb 24th, 2019 by kclumc at 6:08 pm

Sermon Title:  "Going Against the Grain"

Message:  Jesus tells us that we are to love our neighbors and pray for those who persecute us even when we have been greatly wronged.  

Scripture Reading: Luke 6: 27-38

Feb 17th, 2019 by kclumc at 6:47 pm

Sermon Title:  "The Great Reversal"

Sermon Series:  Transforming Expectations

Message:  In a great reversal to how society often views those who are poor, hungry, sick and hurting, Jesus offers instead His blessing. 

Scripture Reading: Luke 6: 17-26

Feb 10th, 2019 by kclumc at 4:24 pm

Sermon Title:  "Great Expectations!"

Sermon Series:  Transforming Expectations

Message:  Pastor Dan Pitney shares that Jesus has great expectations for each believer, just as He did for Peter even when he felt that he wasn't up to the job. 

Scripture Reading: Luke 5: 1-11

Feb 4th, 2019 by kclumc at 12:14 pm

Sermon Title:  "Shattering Expectations"

Sermon Series:  Transforming Expectations

Message:  Pastor Dan Pitney explains that Jesus's words spoken in Luke 4: 21-30 shattered the expectations of His Jewish listeners and moved them from admiration to anger. 

Scripture Reading: Luke 4: 21-30

Jan 20th, 2019 by kclumc at 3:07 pm

Sermon Title:  "Journey...Epiphany...Repeat"

Message:  Mark Bateman with Open Door ministry of Salem-Keizer shared a message about how working through the "process" of "church" can often lead to an epiphany (divine inspiration) about worship.

Scripture Reading: Matthew 2: 1-2, 9

Jan 13th, 2019 by kclumc at 1:44 pm

Sermon Title:  "Endless Possibilities"

Message:  What is the meaning of baptism and why is it, along with Communion, one of the sacraments that Jesus asked His followers to partake in? 

Scripture Reading: Luke 3: 15-17, 21-22

Jan 2nd, 2019 by kclumc at 3:08 pm

Sermon Title:  "Go Tell It On the Mountain"

Message:  As part of the "Carols of the Season" sermon series, Pastor Dan Pitney shares a message about the history of the Christian hymn: "Go Tell It On the Mountain". 

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 52: 7-10