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May 6th, 2018 by kclumc at 4:14 pm

Sermon Title:  "Gifts of Life: Friendship"

Message:  Pastor Dan shares the message that Jesus is a friend who loves and forgives us and asks us to do the same for others. 

Scripture Reading: John 15: 9-17

Apr 15th, 2018 by kclumc at 4:00 pm

Sermon Title:  "Gifts of Life- Peace"

Message:  Pastor Dan Pitney shares that peace comes through knowing Christ and receiving the Holy Spirit in every aspect of our lives.

Scripture Reading: Luke 24: 36b-48

Nov 19th, 2017 by kclumc at 7:13 pm

Sermon Title: A Transcending Peace

Message: Pastor Dan Pitney shares a message of hope that God cares about us and wants us to come to Him in prayer regarding our fears and anxieties. 

Scripture Reading: Philippians 4: 4-9

Nov 12th, 2017 by kclumc at 6:55 pm

Sermon Title: Open Door Ministries

Message: Pastor Dan Pitney and Alyssa Baker share information about the Open Door Ministries of Salem-Keizer and answer questions regarding the program.

Scripture Reading:1 Corinthians 12: 12-31

Nov 5th, 2017 by kclumc at 7:33 pm

Sermon Title:  Drying Your Tears

Message: The question asked by Reverend Dan Pitney in his message was: "what is the path, what is the course that we should be on" as a church?  

Scripture Reading: Revelation 7:9-17

Sep 24th, 2017 by kclumc at 12:33 pm

Sermon Title:  God Will Take Care of You

Description:  God doesn't have "favorites", He loves all of His children.

Scripture Reading: Matthew 20: 1-16


May 22nd, 2017 by kclumc at 3:43 pm

"Abide In His Love" is the title of this week's sermon which deals with Jesus's statement that if we abide in Him and keep his commandments he would ask the Father to send the Holy Spirit. 

Scripture Reading: